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Parenting after trauma can be especially difficult for survivors. You are trying to heal from your past while bringing up little humans. That takes a lot of courage, patience, and love. Here are some articles to help you work through some of the difficulties of co-parenting with an abusive person while pursuing healing for yourself and your children. May God bless you as you travel down this important path.

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Make Transitions Between Co-Parent Households Easier

You can make transitions between co-parent households easier for your children. Realizing that they are struggling to adjust is the first step in finding ways to make transition days easier for them.

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Follow Your Parenting Plan Closely If You Have An Aggressive Co-Parent

Should you follow your parenting plan to the “T”? The short answer is, “yes”. Following your court order as written, especially if you are co-parenting with someone who thinks they are above the rules can be a game changer.

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A High-Conflict Divorce Parenting Plan Can Save Your Sanity

If you are facing divorce from someone who has a personality disorder or is out to make your life tougher than it needs to be then you need a strong parenting plan.

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My Best Advice for Working With a Family Law Attorney

It can seem overwhelming to start the legal process by hiring legal representation for your family law matter. I have gone through the entire process more than once and will share how I navigated my family law issue and what I have learned after years of experience working with two different legal teams.

Parallel Parenting with a Narcissist Will Make Your Life Better

Are you struggling to co-parent with a narcissist? Parallel parenting with a narcissist may make your life better. There are many elements to parallel parenting; the parenting plan, communication, meeting safely, and setting strong boundaries. Parallel parenting can change the toxic dynamic and protect you from further emotional abuse from the narcissist.

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How a Narcissist Treats His Children the Brutal Truth and How to Help Them

Have you ever wondered how a narcissist treats his children? They do not have a normal parent-child relationship with their children. The children are used for narcissistic supply, are given roles to play in the family drama, and are used to make the narcissist look good.

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40 Positive Parenting Quotes for Amazing Single Parents

There are many styles of parenting including; gentle parenting and positive parenting. Children who survive trauma respond differently to normal parenting styles. Today I want to encourage you to be that gentle, loving parent that they need to help them feel safe and loved.

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How to Respond to a Narcissist Text From An Aggressive Co-Parent

How do you continue to live in peace while texting with a narcissist? You set strong boundaries. You learn how to reply to their messages in a way that keeps them from taking the discussion off-topic. You stop reacting and start responding to cut out the drama and maintain your sense of peace.

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Rebuilding Trust With Kids Parenting After Family Trauma

Often, children need to learn to trust their parents again after divorce. There is hope that as you heal and change your life your relationship with your children will improve. Here are some ways to rebuild trust with your children.

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Parenting With Self-Compassion After Trauma

Parenting with self-compassion helps you let go of trying to be the perfect parent and enjoy the journey of raising children. When you parent with self-compassion you help yourself heal from your past.

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