Title image, Writing and Using Powerful Mental Health Affirmations
Title image, Writing and Using Powerful Mental Health Affirmations

What are mental health affirmations? They are positive statements that help you break the habit of negative self-talk so that you can change your life.

A daily practice of using affirmations can disrupt negative thought patterns and improve your mental well-being.

Writing your own affirmations is a great way to focus on your specific needs so you can receive the best results from using your positive mental health affirmations. I have included a simple plan below to help you write statements to include in your daily affirmation practice.

Once you have your list of affirmations what do you do with them? I will walk you through how to use them and how to include them in your daily habits so they will be easy to implement and enjoy using.

If you aren’t ready to write your own affirmations I have included some at the end of the article which you may use. I also talk about when you may need a new affirmation and what to do with the ones you have outgrown.

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The Power of Mental Health Affirmations

Using positive daily affirmations is a powerful tool to counteract negative thoughts.

You can get bogged down in your negative beliefs and feel like your life will never change. When you begin using positive affirmations you retrain your brain to think positively.

Affirmations work on the subconscious mind. Working with affirmations gives you the chance to reprogram how you think about yourself and the world around you. Changing the way you think can change your life.

How cool is that? Did you know your mind possessed so much power?

Positive Affirmations: Too Good to Be True? from Healthline

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Writing Your Own Affirmations

Writing your affirmations is an effective tool to use the power of your mind to change your life. You have the freedom to write the affirmation that is a perfect fit for your situation.

How do you write an affirmation?

Step One: Choose what you want to change or achieve in your life. Break this down to one topic such as thoughts, home, community, wealth, and mindset. When you take it down to a base word you make it easier to make a clear affirmation.

Step Two: Write down what your current reality is and what you want it to be for your chosen topic. Journaling about it will help you gain insight and understanding into why it is important for you and what changes you want to make.

Step Three: Play with words. Start writing down affirmations that align with your desired outcome. Keep playing with the wording until you have something that feels good to you.

Your affirmation should be worded in the positive instead of the negative. For example, I think positive thoughts vs. I will stop thinking negatively. You want your mind to dwell on a positive message instead of stopping a negative circumstance.

Step Four: Use your affirmation. Use your creativity to make your affirmation a daily part of your life.

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How to Use Affirmations to Make Positive Changes to Your Life

After you write or choose an affirmation it is time to put it to use. There are many ways to remind yourself of your affirmation. You can:

Post your affirmation where you will see it daily. The more often you look at it the better.

Make it into artwork to stand out as part of your decor.

Set it as the background on your computer monitor, phone, or tablet.

Make it into a bookmark to use in books, planners, etc.

Include it in a vision board. If you make a vision board in Canva or a similar program you can use it as a background on your computer or print it out and hang it on your wall.

Write it daily in your journal. You could even start an affirmation journal to work in daily or weekly. Did you ever have to write sentences as a punishment when you were a child? Do you still remember any that you had to write?

Write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker so you will see it a few times a day.

Share it on social media. Get other people excited about the changes you are trying to make. You might even inspire them to reach for their dreams.

From Psychology Today; A Guide to Affirmations and How to Use Them

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Your Daily Routine

Build the habit of including your affirmation in your daily routine. Once it becomes part of your day you won’t forget to do the powerful work of improving your thoughts.

Attaching a new habit you are working to make to one that you have already established is the easiest way to start. Here are some ideas to habit stack:

When your alarm goes off in the morning review your affirmation on your phone. This can easily be accomplished by having your affirmation set as your home screen. To make it more powerful read it slowly and think of how it would make you feel to achieve that goal or new state of being.

If you write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry-erase marker you can ponder it while you brush your teeth each morning and evening.

Post your affirmation on your door so you see it whenever you leave your house. Go out into the world with intention. That is powerful!

Write your affirmation on an index card to keep on your nightstand and read it before you turn out the light to sleep.

If you are working on more than one area of change you can choose a different affirmation to focus on at different times of day or even rotate through them during the week.

Self-Care for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Create Your Amazing Daily Habit

When to Choose a New Affirmation

Sometimes after using the same affirmation for a while, you realize you have changed so much that it no longer applies to you. Other times you need a fresh perspective and know it’s time to choose or write a new affirmation.

Note: Some people choose to keep their affirmations after they stop using them so they can review them later to see how far they have come. That’s an amazing way to see all the progress you have made.

You could add past affirmations to a Google or Word document and watch it grow over time. What a powerful reminder of all your growth over time.

If your affirmation is no longer serving you it’s okay to let it go and pick up a new affirmation. Sometimes you hear or read an affirmation and just know you need to make it yours.

Easy and Quick Mindfulness Exercise for Busy Minds +Freebie from themindfulneuro.com

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Examples of Mental Health Affirmations

You don’t have to write your mental health affirmations for them to be effective. Sometimes you just can’t find the words to express your affirmation and that’s perfectly fine. I’ve included some samples below.

You can find many affirmations online with a simple Google search. Reading affirmations can be the inspiration you need to write one for yourself.

You Are Worthy of Love

I deserve to be loved and to love others.

I’m not perfect but I’m improving myself every day.

I am worthy of love and respect.

I am valuable and rare and worthy of love.

I am worthy of an intimate and fulfilling relationship.

I am now open to giving and receiving love.

Positive Thoughts

My positive thoughts help to create my hopes and dreams.

With positive thoughts and self-confidence, I am unstoppable.

I embrace positive self-talk.

I am at peace with myself and the world.

I am surrounded by love and support, and I feel safe and secure.

I can be anything I want to be.

Staying in the Present Moment

I am appreciated and valued exactly as I am.

I am allowed to take up space, to have desires, and to have a voice.

I am safe and everything is well in my world.

I am strong and ready for change.

I feel calm and peaceful inside.

I am grateful for this life.

Daily Life

I have what I need to take on the day.

I am strong and resilient.

I live life with grace and dignity.

I can overcome anything with patience and practice.

I am brave and overcome any challenges I face.

I am in charge of how I feel today and I choose happiness.

101 Powerful I Am Affirmations for Confidence (Self-Esteem) from Flourish After 40

I encourage you to use your mental health affirmations daily to boost self-confidence and positive energy. They are a wonderful way to practice daily self-care and help you move forward in your healing journey.

Remember you deserve to live in freedom and peace.

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