After leaving an abusive relationship are you wondering when your life is going to get better? Are you still waiting for your happy ending?

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Hi, I’m Julia Freeman and I’m a trauma recovery coach. I help people learn to live in freedom and peace after narcissistic abuse and domestic violence. I know how challenging it can be to move forward after a major life change such as divorce, going no contact with a parent, and a difficult co-parenting situation.

Support for Survivors Seeking Trauma Recovery

This is a safe space for survivors to learn how to take care of themselves and their children. As a survivor, you often unintentionally step into the role of leader for your children and those who are watching your journey. I share tools and lessons I have learned along my way to help you avoid some common pitfalls to shorten your path to living well after trauma. I want you to find community, support, and belonging here. One of the hardest things we face as survivors is isolation. Finding your people is a huge step in thriving in your new life.

I blog about co-parenting, self-care, trauma recovery, and narcissistic abuse. Learning more about narcissism helps you learn to live free of it. I teach you how to navigate co-parenting with someone difficult and how to set boundaries to keep you safe so you can continue to heal and not become re-traumatized.

Decorative image with quote, "Learning how to honor your values during the most difficult communications is a skill that will serve you well in all areas of your life." Trauma recovery start here

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Thank you and remember you deserve to live in freedom and peace.